Your content is the lifeblood of your Know-Wow solution.

But are you sure your organisation has the competences it needs, or even just the time, to make the most of its content? To tell your story as effectively as possible? To put everything in the right place? No need to worry.

No need to worry. Amapola, the company that created Know-Wow, is a specialist in effective personalised content management. Where necessary, it uses storytelling, the simplest, most direct way to engage an audience. We all love stories, they take us on emotional journeys and stimulate our interest. They support our thought processes, they help us find solutions, they spur us to take action.

When you tell a story, however, you have to be convincing, so that people identify with the story’s characters and plot.

Amapola can help you plan and produce the “stories you want to tell” to meet your objectives. And it provides specific tools (newsletters, forums, etc.) and communication strategies to help you share knowledge.

As a result, knowledge, practices, procedures and solutions become universal assets.

When you take action, you have to be effective.
And tell people about it!


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