Knowledge sharing is the most powerful driver for business success today. It needs ad hoc solutions to facilitate communication and listening among personnel and authorised co-workers. more


Has classroom training become too expensive? Know-Wow is the online solution for efficient delivery of training courses to your personnel and, more generally, to all the stakeholders you want to engage, at any level of competence and specialisation. more


We all know how important after-sale services are, and how much work it takes to make sure they are really effective. Know-Wow simplifies after-sale services by collecting all the information end users or service networks need in a single web environment. User manuals, video tutorials, technical diagrams: everything is available with a simple click. more


Branches, authorised dealers, sales reps, stores, agencies, franchisees, monobrand outlets, multibrand outlets… We know. Competition is fierce, the variations are endless, turnaround time is minimal. You need the right tools to keep your sales network up to date and provide on-going training. more


Where’s that client presentation? And the new product brochure? Someone said the new technical drawings have arrived, but where are they? Have you seen the video I have to send the Chinese office? Where did you save the press photos? Why do people keep things hidden on their hard disk? more


The company wikipedia is a tool to collect the experience of the people who work in the organisation in one place – the Know-Wow web environment. To build a workplace culture together and share the information assets that make everyone’s job easier, every day. more

Know-wow is...


It’s an intuitive web platform users immediately feel at ease with.


It can be used on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


It’s a secure protected environment, supporting user segmentation according to requirements.


The SaaS formula reduces complexity for the customer, speeds up roll-out and spreads outlay.


It’s packed with editorial and social functions, but users see only what they need.


With its multilingual tools, it’s ready for businesses with a broad international base.

Know-Wow is at your side

Know-Wow is not just software, it’s a work place supported by a team who accompany the business throughout the knowledge life cycle.

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Know-Wow, so that’s the platform, but what about the content?

Your content is the lifeblood of your Know-Wow solution. But are you sure your organisation has the competences it needs, or even just the time, to make the most of its content? To tell your story as effectively as possible? To put everything in the right place?
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Know-Wow interests me, but how can I persuade my colleagues to use it?

Amapola has specific expertise in communication policies to incentivise use of the new education/training and knowledge-sharing tools.
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Know-Wow interests me, but my multimedia content is scarce

You need to update it or produce new content! The Amapola team and its partner network can help you create and organise your multimedia content: photos, videos, infographics and so on.
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