“Knowledge is the new infrastructure” Pierre Levy

Knowledge management is the main critical success factor for every size and type of business.

Knowledge is:

  1. The key driver of growth, innovation and competitive advantage
  2. The foundation of the company’s intangible legacy of professional expertise and internal/external relations
  3. 3. A corporate asset that makes the difference in terms of efficiency and competitiveness

In the business world, everyone knows that success depends on each individual’s professional skills, experience and knowhow. What many people fail to realise is that when these skills, experience and knowhow are shared effectively, they form a storehouse of corporate intelligence, the true driver of growth and prosperity.

So a tool is needed for quick-click access to and engagement with the organisation’s enterprise knowledge.

This is where Know-Wow comes in

  1. To manage the organisation’s enterprise knowledge, and enable it to be shared and enhanced
  2. To provide a practical tool to resolve real problems and avoid missing business opportunities
  3. To make the best use of intellectual capital, create new knowledge assets and maintain and improve existing expertise


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