We all know how important after-sale services are, and how much work it takes to make sure they are really effective.

Know-Wow simplifies after-sale services by collecting all the information end users or service networks need in a single web environment. User manuals, video tutorials, technical diagrams, interactive displays for identification of spare parts: everything is available with a simple click.

For maximum confidentiality on sensitive data, segmented access policies allow information to be restricted to specific user groups.

Do you work in the field and never go to the office?

You’ll appreciate the fact that Know-Wow can be accessed from any device, even your smartphone.

Are you a service engineer?

We’ve developed social functions so you can network colleagues all over the world. To share solutions, analyse experiences, assess alternatives, locate support material.

Are your products sold all over the world?

No problem. Know-Wow is available in all the languages you need.


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So that’s the platform, but what about the content?

Your content is the lifeblood of your Know-Wow solution. But are you sure your organisation has the competences it needs, or even just the time, to make the most of its content? To tell your story as effectively as possible? To put everything in the right place? No need to worry.
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Know-Wow interests me, but how can I persuade my colleagues to use it?

Amapola, the company that created Know-Wow, has specific expertise in communication policies to incentivise use of the new education/training and knowledge-sharing tools.
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Know-Wow interests me, but my company makes little use of images and video. Is this a limit?

Yes, because you’re not taking advantage of a highly effective means of communication. But we can help you here too. The Amapola team and its partner network can provide support to create and organise your multimedia content: photos, videos, presentations, infographics and so on.
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